Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics classes are currently running on Monday mornings 8.30 -.9.15am, and Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7.15-8pm. These classes are great for teenagers (with parent consent), and adults of all ages and fitness levels, who want to get their blood pumping in a social, fun environment.

The instructors for these classes have specified knowledge in this area of aquatic activity and will be able to motivate the individual to achieve personal goals. As well as using resistance and buoyancy allowed by the water, these classes use equipment such as dumbbells, kickboards, and noodles to get muscles from all areas of your body engaged.

Once you’ve been to one class, you will be hooked! This is the time for you to de-stress, exercise to music, meet some likeminded people, and get a great workout.

Gentle Exercise

Gentle exercise classes are Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8.00-8.45am and Friday mornings 8.30-9.15am. With no need to book, these classes become increasingly popular coming into summer, and are a great way to get the whole family involved, make friends, and have some fun while exercising.

These classes also have a great instructor who is very approachable and will tailor her advice to the individual. If you are looking for some gentle exercises to get your body moving, this can be a great option for those with muscle or joint pain, some rehabilitation after injury, or those who would like to takes things at their own pace.

The men and ladies who regularly join these classes have created a great sense of community in our centre, and are so welcoming to all new clients.


Session: $12.00
10x session pass: $105.00 (expiry of 3 months from purchase)


Session: $8.50
10x session pass: $78.00 (expiry of 3 months from purchase)