National Drowning Report 2015

According to the National Drowning Report 2015, 10% of the total drowning deaths were children aged 0-4 years. This is a 30% rise in the space of a single year! To help combat these frightening statistics this program has been developed and it rolling out nationwide.

Kingston Pool and Wellness Centre are pleased to announce the launch of the Aquatic Wonders and Swim Safer Programs in January 2017.

Learn to swim

Aquatic Wonders is our Infant Program. Aquatic Wonders is a water-themed program (3 months to 13 months) and aquatic readiness program (14 months to 48 months) can equip a child with life-long skills. A major bonus is this program will equip parents with the knowledge of a child’s development and the limitations imposed on a child around water, CPR training and water safety. This program is suitable for all, regardless of culture, gender or ability. Research has shown that children who engaged in an aquatic program at a young age reach many milestones earlier than the norm. This includes not just swimming capability, but literacy, numeracy, social and emotional measures and statistically higher IQs. Participation in an aquatic program is the best possible start for parents who want to give their children the greatest opportunity to thrive and educate themselves with water safety. Another feature of Aquatic Wonders is the Aqua pre-natal classes. This takes expectant mothers on a unique journey in a warm pool and includes appropriate exercises.

Benefits of Aquatic Wonders:

.The inherent risk of water strategies for prevention of drowning.

CPR training.

The adult role in supervising and monitoring the safety of children in and around water.

Benefits of a Water-based Themed Program:

Buoyancy: water counteracts gravity and helps to support the weight of the child or mother in a controlled fashion as the infant or mother is immersed. This can aid the development of improved balance and strength. The buoyancy of water also permits a greater range of positions due to the virtual elimination of gravitational forces, particularly for movement that require raising the legs.

Viscosity: water provides resistance by means of gentle friction, allowing strengthening and conditioning of muscles.

Hydrostatic Pressure: this pressure effect aids in improving muscle and blood flow.

Classes run 7 days per week during the mornings (subject to availability), with child minding available from 9am-12pm weekly.

Aqua Bubs: 3 to 6 months. Water Themed Program

Bubs at this age have amazing reflexes on and under water. Secondary stage of spinal curve developing (lots of tummy time). Participation is somatosensory and proprioception activities. Develop motor skills. lots of oral work and relaxation. Parents introduced to CPR. Mum gets a post natal workout concentrating on the pelvic floor and abdominals. Most of all fun, fun and lots more fun, lots of happy synapses.

Aqua Tots: 7 to 13 months. Water Themed Program

Baby’s spine continues to develop therefore more tummy time and looking up. Baby loves to imitate actions and sounds. Proprioception games are much the focus. Spatial perception continues to improve. CPR development. Continue having fun, fun and even more fun. The synapses are bouncing in joy.


Aqua Mites: 14 to 21 months. Aquatic Readiness.

Infants final stage of spinal development occurring, lots of vertical work. Introduce googles to infant including Mum and Dad. Continuing with co-ordination and motor skills with even more proprioception games. Strength building and word associations. Mum and Dad CPR. Keep having fun as neural activity is continuing to strengthen.

Aqua Nauts: 22 to 29 months. Aquatic Readiness.

Infants mind continues to develop and infant becomes  more confident, independence is the goal, monitoring motor control and reflex action. Lots of vestibular stimulation including word associations. Mum and Dad watch in awe as your child starts to extend in everything they are learning. Heaps of smiles on top and below the water. Don’t forget Mum and Dad CPR and have lots of fun.

Aqua Fins: 30 to 36 months. Aquatic Readiness.

Infants become the squad of the program, brains synapse is blooming and strengthened to enable child to face many challenges. Motor control and cognition is refined.  If you have just joined this group, be assured you are in good company as this group works as one, bouncing off each other what has been learned. Word associations are further explored. Infants are prepared for higher level of learning to swim. Continue learning CPR and keep smiling as everyone has fun.

Transition: 36 months plus. Aquatic Readiness.

Children under the required height to enter the Learn to Swim program (Swim Safer) or have a fear of water are not disadvantaged as Mum or Dad assists the teacher in developing and continuing to enhance skills required at junior level.  Watch your child have heaps of fun as they acquire the skills without being disadvantaged.

The Swim Safer  program for school age children, which are both a continuation of the Infant Aquatic Wonders Program and suitable for students new to swimming

Levels continue until a mini-squad level. This final level aims to educate your child on all the lifesaving skills they need to be both safe and confident swimmers, and gain the knowledge and techniques they will require to join a squad or club environment, if they show interest in continuing their swimming competitively or for fitness.

Classes Confidence through to Strokes are 30 minutes long and run 7 days per week. Aqua Squad is a 1 hour session and only run Monday through to Friday. We recommend that you book a time for a free 5 minute swimming assessment to gauge the appropriate Swim Safer level for your child. To book this assessment please call our staff on 6229 6017

Aqua Confidence

Aqua Kicking

Aqua Breathing

Aqua Develop

Aqua Enhance

Aqua Strokes

Aqua Squad

Adult group lessons (beginner and stroke improvement) may be offered at the Kingston Pool and Wellness Centre based on demand. Please express your interest and preferred day/time by emailing the pool from the contact page.

One-on-one lessons are offered to adults learning to swim, children and adults with a variety of disabilities, and for your fitness or rehabilitation needs. Availability for these classes is strictly limited, as we have specialised instructors for these areas of aquatic activity and development.

For special needs, pool facilities include a ramp into the building, a hoist into the pool and shower facilities.

The Kingston Pool is available for pool or lane bookings, making the centre perfect for schools, clubs and other groups to benefit from aquatic activity. Mornings, daytime and late night spots can be booked – subject to availability. An instructor or lifeguard may also be available for your group booking and we have a range of aquatic programs to suit your needs. Please email the centre to inquire about hire fees and availability.

Swim and Survive Swimming Classes Information

What age can my child start swimming lessons?

Your child can commence lessons with us from 4 months of age

When can I book an assessment?

If your child is of school age they will need to have an assessment to determine their height and skill level. Preferred days and times are Monday-Friday 3:00 – 3:20pm. Other days & times are available upon request. Infants will not need an assessment.

What does my child need for lessons?

Your child will need a cap (compulsory for Active Award students), towel, bathers, swim nappy for infants, and goggles if your child wears them. Caps, goggles and swim nappies are also available for purchase at our kiosk.

I have twins how can I give both lessons when I need to be in the pool?

There are a few options, including making the most of our morning child care facilities, encouraging another family member or friend to assist you – which can be an amazing experience for that special aunt, or inquiring about the possibility of one of our assistants to support you in the water during your lesson. This service is free of charge, however limited times and days are available.

When do your lessons commence?

At the Kingston Pool, lessons commence upon your enrolment and continue through school holidays (excluding public holidays). This means no need to re-enrol each term! You are in control of your own enrolment and only pay 2 weeks in advance via our direct debit system! How handy is that!

What qualifications do your instructors have?

All instructors are AUSTSWIM qualified and trained specifically in the Swim Safer program to ensure an easy and productive transition between any changes of instructor that may be required. Every instructor holds an AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety qualification, and current Working with Children Licence. Infant instructors also hold a current AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infants and Pre-school Aquatics licence.

How long are classes?

All classes run for 30 minutes, with the exception of some private lessons.

When will my child move up a level?

Assessments are no longer run on set weeks, as we have transitioned to an ongoing evaluation process. Each child will be undertaking an ongoing assessment throughout each lesson, and once a task has been achieved consistently, and to the standard required, the teacher will mark that task as having been achieved. Once all tasks have been achieved you will be notified in the proceeding days that your child is ready to move to a higher level.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

If your child misses a lesson you are entitled to a family swim pass. This swim pass is valid for 12 weeks from the date of the missed lesson and can be used for up to 4 children and 2 adults during our casual swim times. This swim pass is electronic and will be marked off as used when you have approached the kiosk staff.

Can we swim in the pool during or after our lesson?

To maintain safety standards please ensure your child sits on the side of the pool before lessons commence, and does not enter the water until the teacher has instructed to do so. Please refer to our timetable for casual swimming times.

Child minding and change room facilities

During what hours does the crèche operate?

Our child minding facility is available between 9am and 12pm weekdays free of charge. There is no need to book your child in, please just sign the book next to the door on your arrival and departure.

Can my child use the opposite sex change room?

As a general rule most facilities allow children under the age of 7 to use either change room.

Enrolments and Payments

How do we enrol in lessons?

You will need to fill out an enrolment form and direct debit form. These forms are available from our office or by emailing the pool.

How can I pay?

Payment is via direct debit due fortnightly on Thursdays. On enrolment our administration will advise you when your first payment will be, as all direct debits are prescheduled and cannot be changed. Payments can be debited from your bank account or credit card. This ensures that you are only paying 2 weeks in advance and can cancel with a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice.

Can I pay for a block of lessons?

This method of enrolment is available for a minimum of 10 consecutive weeks, and incurs a $10.00 administration fee each time you book. Placement in classes cannot be guaranteed once this booking has ended, and the enrolment process will need to be repeated.

Will I be charged for missed lessons?

Yes, when you book a time slot for your swimming lessons you are committed to your booking until such a time that you cancel. If your child is sick please feel free to send us a copy of a doctor’s certificate, and if you are aware that in the future you will be away for between 2 and 4 consecutive weeks please refer to our policy on placing lessons on hold.

We are going on holidays, what do we do?

If you’d like to place your lessons on hold (for direct debit payments), this can be done by email 4 weeks before your intended leave. This can only be applied for a minimum leave period of 2 consecutive weeks and up to a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks. The cost is $5.00 per lesson, per child. By doing this you are not eligible for a family swim pass.

How much notice do I need to provide to cancel my lessons?

We need at least 2 weeks notice via email to cancel your booking. Please include your child’s full name and reason for your cancellation in your email.

Can I change the time or day of my booking?

While we cannot guarantee we have another times or days available, we will certainly do everything we can to meet your needs.

What happens if my child isn’t enjoying swimming lessons?

Most children here love their swimming lessons! However, if your child isn’t enjoying lessons it is important that you let us know as soon as possible. This way we can work with you to find a solution that works for you and your child.

Where do I go for further information?

Please refer to our terms and conditions, or contact administration staff on 6229 6017 or