Aquatic Therapy

The Kingston Pool and Wellness Centre facility offers a convenient, safe and effective addition to traditional therapy methods. The pool is an ideal facility which benefits patients being treated for arthritis, healing fractures, orthopaedic issues and neurological injuries.

Our new state of the art Ozone, UV and granulated chlorine integrated system uses the water’s warmth and buoyancy to help maximize recovery, and provides techniques to enhance strength, flexibility, balance, postural awareness, and cardiovascular endurance reduces pain while providing the support to walk more easily.

Water is an excellent base for exercise, providing an anti-stress environment for movement. For initial therapy, gentle water exercises use the water’s resistance to build muscle strength and flexibility.

Water exercise can be performed more easily by people who find lifting weights, or even weight bearing exercise, difficult or painful on dry land. Water also provides buoyancy and support for the body – when in shoulder deep water, a person only has to support 10% of actual body weight. Exercising in the pool allows greater range of motion without joint pain, or joint re-injury.

The warmer water of the therapy pool induces vasodilation, which draws blood into the target tissues. The increased blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues while removing cell wastes. This helps promote faster healing of injured tissues. The warmth also decreases muscle spasm, relaxes tense muscles, relieves pain, and reduces swelling.